Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Zoya Creamy

Indoor + Flash

Outdoor + No Flash

This color is BRIGHT! It's like having a traffic light on your nails! It's something I 1)rarely do unless I'm feeling crazy and 2) I could only pull off with my new short nails. Other nail bloggers have swatched yellows this week on their long, fabulous nails but I personally could not pull it off. Yellows are notorious for being a hot streaky mess to apply. This one is not exceptional but then again I have no other yellow polish to compare it to. This was going to be my last venture into yellow nail polish but then I haven't done a pale, pastel yellow so I'll keep hope alive.
This two coats + topcoat.


  1. Ha, I have this color also. After wearing it for a day, I ended up putting a slightly glittery yellow top coat on it, the OPI It's All Bright With Me,which seemed to make it better. Do you have any sparkly or glittery top coats laying around? It might tone down the brightness. BTW, I like your short nails, it looks good on you.

  2. I too have this color! I actually got a VERY pale yellow...from the Nail Supply Store for a dollar. I have yet to wear it but it looks pretty nice in the bottle.

    I LOVE bright colors. lol. I might have to try the glitter trick the above commenter mentioned.

  3. Love that color. I have a few yellow's and they are hard to apply. Nails are looking fabulous.

  4. Some white polka dots would totally set this off !! The yellow looks great on you, I think. Since you are not to fond of it, have you thought about having it as a pedi color? You might like it better on your toes.

  5. Dee: Thank you! My short nails are growing on me...I dont have a glittery topcoat, I know...I'm working on that. It's a great idea.

    Jaded: Pale yellow for a dollar?! Sounds like a great day. :-)

    Lucy: Thank you! You're always so nice :-)

    Brooke: Okay, not you've got me thinking. That's a great idea...Polka dots are my favorite!

  6. Yellow polish is a PITA!! But I haven't given up on it yet. I think it's worthy of some art or GLITTER!! Your short nails are cute, LaChelle!



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