Saturday, May 9, 2009

Walgreens Finds

Happy Saturday all!

Weekends are a time to sleep in late for a lot of people; myself included, since I get up at 6:30am most mornings. However, sleeping late on Saturday for me is about 8:00 or 9:00 am, unless I had a fun Friday night ;-). This weekend I decided get my butt up at 7:30 and get the necessary errands out of the way. It's dark and cloudy here with a good chance of rain. Not exactly fun weather. On my 2nd stop, I went to TJ Maxx and it looked like they were closed. Geez, what time do they open, it's almost 10!

So I went to a nearby Walgreens while I waited for them to open and I scored these polishes! On clearance! Yes!!! I love that feeling.
These were $2.14 apiece. They are Nicole by OPI L to R: No Limits and Show You Care
They look dark,almost black in the bottle but you can see the colors here because of the flash.

These were $1.79 apiece. I've always wanted to try Nic's Sticks, even before my polish obsession. So I was one happy camper when I saw that big clearance sticker on these. Left to right these are : Form One Lime and Text Me.

I will be posting pics of my manicures with these this week. After leaving Walgreens, I also found my mother the cutest outfit for Mother's Day. All this before noon! I feel accomplished, lol. Everyone check should out their nearest Walgreens. I mean there were clearance stickers everywhere! I might have to check out the on my side of town too...
Have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!



  1. Great finds, LaChelle! I don't have any like these in my bins. I should go out searching today. I want to go to TJ Maxx as well. Feels like a good day for it.

  2. Nice polishes you found. I also wanted to try those Nic's Sticks. Hope they apply well.



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